3 Bears curates individualised learning programs to suit
your child’s needs and differences in a stimulating and engaging learning

Getting Ready for School

Make an empowered transition from Early Learning to School

The curriculum and structure we teach your child on a daily basis will greatly prepare them for the challenges of grade school. Our passionate teachers creatively instil concepts and frameworks while teaching specific lessons in line with The Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage One Australian Syllabus.

Sparking A Love Of Learning

Stimulating classrooms and outdoor areas encourage confident exploration

Your child will develop their love for learning through a variety of creative experiences, playing with others, and structured activities that encourage emotional and self-confidence. They will learn skills, develop positive habits and behaviors, and lay the essential groundwork for a future of success.

Foundations Of Physical Fitness

Your Child Will Learn Confidence And Healthy Habits Through Physical Activity

During these formative years, your child’s gross motor skills will be improved greatly. We can help them develop a robust connection to their body and physical health through our fun and exciting physical education program and playgrounds.

Comprehensive Approach

Integrating The Holistic Picture Of Childhood Development

Your child will build their sense of social connection, physical coordination, and overall health with our complete 360 degree approach.

Celebrating Culture

Embracing Everyone’s Unique Perspectives

At 3 Bears, your child will find their own unique culture celebrated and embraced – along with those of the other children in our program. And will learn about the good things each culture brings to our society

Environmental Sustainability

Learning about sustainability through practical experience

Our curriculum encourages children to become actively aware of the
environment around them. 3 Bears has designed programs which enrich
children’s sense of responsibility to positively contribute to a sustainable
future by having our very own garden beds, rainwater tank, goats and
chicken coop! We aim to develop your child’s appreciation and love for